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13th International Conference | January 3-6, 2017

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Casa Central campus, Santiago


Online volunteer submission deadline extended as long as space and time permit! Abstracts covering all areas of economics are welcome (include a statement of the research or policy question addressed and the contribution made by your paper, as well as method(s), model(s), and relevant data, if applicable). Submissions will be reviewed in the fall and participation confirmations sent by email. Discussants and chairs are always needed as well.

Organize your own session on a topic of your choice! Review the Session Organizer Guidelines for more information or email sessions@weai.org with questions.

If you are part of another society that could use greater visibility as well as enjoy the economies of scale meeting with a larger group affords, consider becoming an Allied Society

Keynote Addresses include Nobel Laureate Robert F. Engle, New York University Stern School of Business, WEAI President-Elect Orley Ashenfelter, Princeton University ("Real Wage Rates Across Countries and Over Time"), and Ignacio Sánchez Diaz, President, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Roundtable panel discussion including Engle, AshenfelterKlaus Schmidt-Hebbel, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and panel moderator Claudio Sapelli, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago.

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2016 Graduate Student Dissertation Workshop Students Selected

WEAI thanks the fifty-two highly-qualified applicants who were reviewed and ranked by this year's selection committee. The top sixteen students listed below will participate in a two-day workshop, held during the 91st Annual Conference, focused on job market paper presentation and interview skills, followed by a mock interview and coaching with a panel of four interviewers designed to closely resemble a typical ASSA interview experience. The 2016 Graduate Student Workshop groups included the following:

Group #1 | Empirical Investigations in Education and International Trade
Advisor: Nancy Jianakoplos, Colorado State University 

  • Barbara Biasi, Stanford University - Department of Economics
    Unions, Salaries, and The Market for Teachers: Evidence from Wisconsin
  • Felix L. Friedt, University of Oregon - Department of Economics
    Trade Policy Effectiveness in the Presence of Integrated Bilateral Transport Costs: The Importance of the Backhaul Problem to the Determination of Trade
  • Sharat Ganapati, Yale University - Department of Economics
    Globalized Sourcing, Scale Economies, and Local Market Power: The Modern Wholesaler
  • Lester R. Lusher, University of California, Davis - Department of Economics
    College Better: Parimutuel Betting Markets as a Commitment Device and Monetary Incentive

Group #2 | Education, Labor Markets, Healthcare and Culture
Advisor: Maureen Pirog, Indiana University

  • Brenda Samaniego de la Parra, University of Chicago - Department of Economics
    How Much is Formality Worth?  Evidence from Mexico's Labor Market
  • Atul Gupta, Stanford University -  Department of Economics
    Quality Incentives, Hospital Responses and Patient Health
  • Ciprian Domnisoru, Carnegie Mellon University - School of Public Policy and Management
    Overeducation, Choice of College Major and Parental Background
  • James V. Marrone, University of Chicago - Department of Economics
    Culture as a Habit: Assimilation and Language Learning Over the Lifecycle

Group #3 | Programs and Policies Affecting Human Capital, Child Development, Hospital Stays and Consumer Behavior
Advisor: Brian Duncan, University of Colorado

  • Teresa Molina, University of Southern California - Department of Economics
    Pollution, Ability and Gender-Specific Investment Responses to Shocks
  • Victor A. C. Ronda, Johns Hopkins University - Department of Economics
    Maternal Mental Health and Child Development
  • Liam Rose, University of California, Santa Cruz - Department of Economics
    The Effects of Skilled Nursing Facility Care: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Medicare
  • Rebecca L. Taylor, University of California, Berkeley - Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics
    Giving Plastic Bags the Sack: The Non-Monetary Costs of Changing Consumption

Group #4 | Health, Education and Welfare
Advisor: Bruce McGough, University of Oregon

  • Serena Canaan, University of California, Santa Barbara - Department of Economics
    Parental Leave, Intra-Household Specialization and Children's Well-Being
  • Peter Hull, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Department of Economics
    Hospital Quality and Choice: Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns
  • Lindsey K. Novak, University of Minnesota - Department of Applied Economics
    School of Thought: The Role of Formal Education in Shifting Opinions of Female Genital Cutting in Burkina Faso
  • Evan Riehl, Columbia University - Department of Economics
    Mismatch and Complementaries: Admission Exams and the Allocation of College Quality
Attention Portland Paper Presenters!

The deadline to submit your conference paper for free to EI or CEP is December 31. WEAI members receive complimentary journal submission on papers presented at WEAI conferences if submitted within six months. Non-members are welcome to join at the time of submission to take advantage of this offer.

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