Contemporary Economic Policy News

Editor Brad Humphreys welcomes four new co-editors to his team!

Bradley Hardy is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University and a nonresident senior fellow in Economic Studies at Brookings Institution. His research interests include Earnings Volatility, Income Volatility, Economics, Mobility, and Poverty.

Juan Moreno-Cruz is an Associate Professor at the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development and the Canada Research Chair in Energy Transitions at the University of Waterloo, as well as a CESifo Research Affiliate. His research focuses on the interaction of energy systems, technological change, and climate policy.

Amanda Ross is an applied microeconomist with focus in the areas of urban economics, public economics, and entrepreneurship. She is an Associate Professor of Economics at University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Business.

Gary Wagner is a professor of economics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is also the Acadiana Business Economist/Board of Regents Support Fund Endowed Chair in Economics. His research interests range from regional economics to state and local public finance issues, with a particular focus on state rainy day funds, municipal borrowing costs, and public pension plans.