2020 Graduate Student Workshop

Congratulations to these Students!

These select Ph.D. candidates were chosen from sixty-seven nominations to participate in the annual Graduate Student Workshop where they received hands-on experience in job-market paper presentation skills and interview techniques.  We congratulate them on this accomplishment and thank the four advisors for their time and commitment to this program.

2020 Selected Students and Workshop Groups

Group #1 | Development & Labor
Advisor: Francisca M. Antman, University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Maria Caballero, Carnegie Mellon University - Department of Economics
    The Impact of Destination Immigration Policies on Origin-Country Human Capital Investment
  • Eduardo Cenci, University of Wisconsin, Madision - Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics
    Internal Migration and the Spread of Long-Term Impacts of Historical Immigration in Brazil
  • Grant Graziani, University of California, Berkeley - Department of Economics
    Provider Practice Styles and Patient Race: Evidence from Primary Care
  • Ezra Karger, University of Chicago - Department of Economics
    The Long-Run Effect of Public Libraries on Children: Evidence from the Early 1900s

Group #2 | Health, Labor and Welfare Economics
Advisor: Jane Ruseski, West Virginia University 

  • Anne Burton, Cornell University - Department of Economics
    Smoking Bans in Bars and Restaurants, Alcohol Consumption, and Social Welfare
  • Luciana Etcheverry, University of Oregon - Department of Economics
    Work Half-Time, Receive Full-Time Pay: Effect of Novel Family Policy on Female Labor Market Outcomes
  • Alexa Prettyman, Georgia State University - Department of Economics
    Happy 18th Birthday, Now Leave: The Hardships of Aging Out of Foster Care
  • Siddhartha Sanghi, Washington University, St. Louis - Department of Economics
    Health Inequality: Role of Insurance and Technological Progress

Group #3 | Games, Experiments & Rationality
Advisor: Jason Shogren, University of Wyoming 

  • Jefferson A. Arapoc, University of Newcastle, Australia - Department of Economics
    Impacts of Wealth Distribution Systems on Individual Trust
  • Chelsea Pardini, Washington State University - Department of Economic Sciences
    Game-Theoretic Analysis of US Settlement Allowing for Coercion and Activism
  • Yuxin Su, Claremont Graduate University - Department of Economics
    How to Improve Motivation Using Pro-social Bonuses: An Experiment

Group #4 | Dan's World of Applied Micro
Advisor: Daniel I. Rees, University of Colorado, Denver

  • Nicolas Carollo, University of California, Los Angeles - Department of Economics
    The Effect of Occupational Licensing and Certification Policies on Wage and Employment Dynamics
  • Christina Kent, Stanford University - Department of Economics 
    When A Town Wins the Lottery: Evidence from Spain
  • James Sayre, University of California, Berkeley - Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
    Make Avocados not Drugs: Export Opportunities, Criminal Organizations, and Rural Development in Mexico
  • Katherine Wen, Cornell University - Department of Policy Analysis & Management
    Influenza Vaccination Requirements in Nursing Homes: Impacts on Elderly Hospital Events and Mortality