2020 Best CEP Article Award Announced!

"China and World Output Impact of the Hubei Lockdown During the Coronavirus Outbreak"

The Editors of Contemporary Economic Policy  are pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2020 Best Article Award!

  • Shaowen Luo, Virginia Tech
  • Kwok Ping Tsang, Virginia Tech


Using a network approach, we estimate the output loss due to the lockdown of the Hubei province triggered by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Based on our most conservative estimate, China suffers about 4% loss of output from labor loss, and global output drops by 1% per period due to the economic contraction in China. About 40% of the impact is indirect, coming from spillovers through the supply chain inside and outside China. (JEL E23, E24, F62)

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"China and World Output Impact of the Hubei Lockdown During the Coronavirus Outbreak"