2018 Best EI Article Award Announced!

"Big Data and Big Cities: The Promises and Limitations of Improved Measures of Urban Life"

The Editors of Economic Inquiry are pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2018 Best Article Award!

  • Edward L. Glaeser, Harvard University
  • Scott Duke Kominers, Harvard University
  • Michael Luca, Harvard Business School
  • Nikhil Naik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As EI Editor Wes Wilson describes it, "...the paper illuminates how big data and targeted measurement can improve urban research and policymaking. The examples pointed very clearly to the development of targeted data, the usefulness of doing so, and the role of big data to improve policy-making. The paper epitomizes the principles of my editorial statement and also the long-standing policy of Economic Inquiry to publish papers that have a strong sense of purpose, make substantial contributions to the literature that are of interest to specialists and non-specialists alike, are well-crafted and motivated by a clear objective for research and accessible to general readers."

We invite you check it out online for free here...
"Big Data and Big Cities: The Promises and Limitation of Improved Measures of Urban Life"