WEAI publishes two highly-regarded quarterly journals:
Contemporary Economic Policy & Economic Inquiry

Both journals are published in January, April, July, and October in cooperation with publishing partner Wiley. Both journals are available online—back to volume one—through the Wiley Online Library.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: Subscriptions to both journals are included with membership in Western Economic Association International.

FOR INSTITUTIONS: Subscriptions are available through Wiley.


Contemporary Economic Policy (CEP)

Editor: Brad Humphreys, West Virginia University

Contemporary Economic Policy (CEP)

First published in 1982, CEP publishes scholarly research and analysis on important policy issues facing society. The journal provides insight into the complexity of policy decisions and communicates evidence-based solutions in a form accessible to economists and policy makers. CEP provides a forum for debate by enhancing our understanding of key issues and methods used for policy analysis. CEP welcomes three categories of articles:

  • Essays analyzing specific policy issues
  • Surveys of important general subject areas
  • Research articles devoted to developing new methods for policy analysis

Economic Inquiry (EI)

Editor: Tim Salmon, Southern Methodist University

Economic Inquiry (EI)

Published since 1962, EI is a highly regarded scholarly journal in economics publishing articles of general interest across the profession. Quality research that is accessible to a broad range of economists is the primary focus of the journal. Join our long list of prestigious authors, including more than 20 Nobel laureates.