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Best EI Article Awards

Editorial Board


Wesley W. Wilson
Wesley W. Wilson
University of Oregon


D. Mark Anderson
D. Mark Anderson
Montana State University
Stefano Barbieri
Stefano Barbieri
Tulane University
Areendam Chanda
Areendam Chanda
Louisiana State University
Philip Curry
Philip Curry
University of Waterloo
Ana Espinola-Arredondo
Ana Espinola-Arredondo
Washington State University
Qinglai Meng
Qinglai Meng
Oregon State University
Steven Ongena
Steven Ongena
University of Zurich
Abigail Payne
Abigail Payne
University of Melbourne
Georg Schaur
Georg Schaur
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
David P. Sims
David P. Sims
Brigham Young University
Nicolas L. Ziebarth
Nicolas L. Ziebarth
Auburn University

Specialized Co-Editors

Ted Bergstrom
University of California, Santa Barbara (Economics of Publishing, and Public Economics
William A. Branch
University of California, Irvine (DSGE Models and Bounded Rationality)
Timothy Brennan
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Policy and Industrial Organization)
Andrew Caplin
New York University (Model-based Approaches to Non-Standard Data)
Shankha Chakraborty
University of Oregon (Culture and Demography, Social Preferences and Inequality)
Maggie Chen
George Washington University (Multinational Firms and International Trade)
Emel Filiz-Ozbay
University of Maryland (Behavioral and Experimental)
Luke Froeb
Vanderbilt University (Competition Economics, Industrial Economics and Business Economics)
Tony Kwasnica
Pennsylvania State University (Experimental Economics, Auctions, and Information)
Jason Lindo
Texas A&M University (Health Economics, Public Economics and Policy)
Keith E. Maskus
University of Colorado, Boulder (International Trade, Development and Intellectual Property Rights and International Economics)
Charles F. Mason
University of Wyoming (Environmental and Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Industrial Organization)
David Reiley
Pandora (Field Experiments)
Tim Salmon
Southern Methodist University (Experimental, Auction Theory, and Industrial Organization)
Robert Simmons
Lancaster University (Sports Economics and Labor)
Dietrich Vollrath
University of Houston (Economic Growth, Development, Macroeconomics)
Glen R. Waddell
University of Oregon (Education and Policy Evaluation, Labor and Public Economics)

Associate Editors

Marina Agranov
California Institute of Technology (Public, Experimental, Bargaining)
Jason Blevins
Ohio State University (Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics)
Fabio Braggion
Tilburg University (Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial History)
Kasey Buckles
University of Notre Dame (Labor, Economics of the Family, Health, Demography)
Santanu Chatterjee
University of Georgia (Economic Growth, International, Macroeconomics)
Gordon Dahl
University of California San Diego (Education, Labor)
Astrid Dannenberg
University of Kassel (Public, Experimental, Climate Change)
Ferre de Graeve
University of Leuven (Macro-Finance, Monetary Policy, Macroeconometrics, DSGE Models, Banking)
Thomas Dee
Stanford University (Education, Poverty, Policy Analysis)
Ross Doppelt
Pennsylvania State University (Macroeconomics, Labor, Time Series)
Todd Elder
Michigan State University (Education, Program Evaluation)
Jane Cooley Fruehwirth
University of North Carolina (Education and Public Economics)
Bernhard Ganglmair
University of Mannheim and ZEW (Industrial Organization, Law and Economics)
Laura Gee
Tufts University (Behavioral and Experimental)
Holger Görg
Kiel Institute for the World Economy (International Trade and Multinational Firms)
Hui Guo
University of Cincinnati (Finance, International, Macroeconomics)
Keith Head
University of British Columbia (Trade Policy and International Trade)
Kevin Henrickson
Gonzaga University (Transportation, Spatial Econometrics, Applied Micro)
Peter Ireland
Boston College (Macroeconomics, Stochastic Growth, Monetary Economics)
Sherry Li
University of Arkansas (Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics)
John Mayo
Georgetown University (Regulation and Industrial Organization)
Felix Munoz-Garcia
Washington State University (Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Environmental)
Daniel I. Rees
University of Colorado Denver (Health and Labor Economics)
Alexander W. Richter
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Computational)
Katheryn N. Russ
University of California, Davis (International Trade and Finance, International Monetary Economics)
Tatevik Sekhposyan
Texas A&M University (Macroeconomic, Time Series, Forecasting)
Mikhael Shor
University of Connecticut (Industrial Organization and Experimental)
Isaac D. Swensen
Montana State University (Risky Behavior, Crime, Health)
Kan Takeuchi
Hitotsubashi University (Behavioral, Experimental, Time Preference)
Ilias Tsiakas
University of Guelph (Asset Pricing, International Finance, Climate Finance)
Chris Vickers
Auburn University (Economic History, Inequality, Applied Microeconomics)
Avi Weiss
Bar-Ilan University (Industrial Organization, Labor, Law and Economics, Experimental)
Abigail Wozniak
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Labor, Immigration, Applied Microeconomics)
Feng Yao
West Virginia University (Econometrics and Applied Econometrics)
Sarah Zubairy
Texas A&M University (Monetary Economics, Empirical Macroeconomics)

Editorial Office

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