2024 Conference PRINTED Program Addenda

Note that the online conference platform and event app will always display the most up to date information. Changes noted below apply to the printed program as of July 1 @ 7:06am PDT.




Move session to [038.6] at 8:00pm PDT June 27th.


Replace chair Pint with Molly McIntosh.


Cancel Vicente Coronel Gutierez participation.


Add Kashiwagi paper from [118].


Add Bonkoungou paper from [251]. Cancel Zhangshen participation.


Move Cheng/Hua/Wang paper to [294].


Cancel Lu Wang participation.


Cancel Nicolas Fuertes Segura participation.


Add paper "Testing the Trilemma" by Shan Xue,
Claremont Graduate University, et al.


Cancel Ashley Orr participation.


Add paper "Capital Flow Surges and Stock Market Booms"
by Anna Terzyan, Loyola Marymount University, et al.


Cancel Satia Rozynek participation.


Add Joshua Aizenman paper from [334].


Cancel Yuxi Wang participation.


Add paper "What Influences the Effectiveness of Central Bank Independence"
by Kim Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University, et al.


Cancel Shanhui Wu participation. Liao serving as session chair.


Move Kenichi Kashiwagi participation to virtual session [028]


Add paper "Unveiling the Costs: The Financial Impact of Signaling and
Student Loan Debt in Higher Education" by Annie Knyazyan,
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


Cancel Piao Shanyu participation.
Cancel Sok Hang Nhov participation.


Cancel discussant Raykov.


Cancel Fatima Najeeb participation.


Joshua Tasoff serving as chair.


Cancel Spangler paper and discussant Basuchoudhary.


Cancel Danielle Kent participation.


Replace chair Nugent with Hassan Y. Aly, Ohio State University, Columbus.




Cancel Andrew Schein participation.


Cancel Gary Smith participation.


Cancel Raykov paper and discussant DAmico.


Cancel Chen paper and discussant Gabriel.


Cancel Ferdous Sardar participation.
Move Wang and Yu papers to new session [297].


Cancel Inae Kim participation.


Cancel discussant Chen.
Add discussant Zadia Feliciano.


Cancel Ferdous Sardar participation.
Move Wang and Yu papers to new session [297].


Cancel Bartosz Jusypenko participation.


Cancel Wansoon Lee participation.
Bonkoungou paper moved to virtual [030.5].


Replace discussant Spangler with Basuchoudhary.


Cancel Christopher Erwin participation.


Cancel Bobae Hong participation.


Cancel Takrima Sayeda participation.
Cancel Wenqiu Ma participation.


Cancel Manho Kang participation.


Cancel James Flynn participation.
Replace Flynn discussant with Karen Conway.


Cancel Yiyu Xing participation.
Add Hailong Jin paper from [334].
Add Cheng/Hua/Wang paper from [033]. Hua presenting.


NEW SESSION at 2:30pm in 609 Yakima
to include Wang and Yu papers from [246.5] and
Sullivan paper from [331].


Cancel Leal paper and discussant Spratt.


Cancel Bobae Hong participation.


Cancel Sylverie Herbert participation.


Cancel Carl Hase participation.
Cancel Iyer participation.
Move Sullivan paper to [297].


Cancel Yunsang Kim participation.
Aizenman paper moved to [081].
Jin paper moved to [294].


Cancel Comfort Ibidapo participation.




Cancel Wei Liu participation.
Maki serving as chair.


Cancel Derek Rury participation.