Registration + Submission Instructions for Organized Session Paper Presenters

The following outlines the steps to complete 1) registration, and 2) paper abstract submission processes for organized session paper presenters. When both steps are completed, your paper will be cleared for placement on the program. If you have any questions along the way, please let us know.

STEP 1: Conference Registration

Create or login to your existing WEAI profile and verify/update the information on your Account tab as this is what will appear on the program -- your full name (click Personal Info), a current email address (click Contact Info), and your primary affiliation (click Relationships).


Click blue Conference Registration button.


At the beginning of the registration process, answer the three questions making sure to click YES to the question about being in an organized session. This will give you the member rates regardless of your membership status. Click NEXT.


We invite you to join/renew your membership during the registration process. Although it is not required for participation on the program, you will need to be a current member to take advantage of the journal submission fee waiver for your conference paper if you plan to submit to EI or CEP within six months of the conference.

Click through to checkout and continue with the payment process.

STEP 2: Paper Abstract Submission

When your registration is completed, you will have access to submit your paper details to the conference platform. The following information will be collected during the submission process:​

  • Paper presenter's name, professional affiliation, title, and e-mail address; same information for coauthors.
  • Paper title and paper topic area (three appropriate codes from the JEL Classification System).
  • Abstract of 350 words or less including a statement of the research or policy question and the contribution made by the paper; as well as method(s), model(s) and, if applicable, relevant data including time frame and geographical scope.

submit an organized session paper abstract

Complete the rest of the submission process answering all required questions.​

After administrative review of your payment and submission, it will be passed through for placement in your designated organized session.