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Current WEAI Institutional Members include academic institutions, government, research, and other organizations who share WEAI's objectives, and wish to provide special opportunities for their economists to participate in WEAI's activities.

Benefits to Institutions


WEAI Institutional Members are listed prominently in Economic Inquiry, Contemporary Economic Policy, conference programs, WEAI's website, and in a display at the Annual Conference and International Conference.

Designated Representatives

Each WEAI Institutional Member chooses one to five designated representatives, depending on membership category, to help maintain liaison between its affiliates and WEAI. These representatives receive complimentary Annual and International Conference registration and other special benefits, as well as online and print subscriptions to both journals and all other benefits accorded to individual members.

Job Market

WEAI Institutional Members may use WEAI's quarterly e-newsletter or website without charge to advertise job openings for economists.

New PhD and MA/MS Memberships

WEAI congratulates new MA/MS and PhD graduates from current WEAI Institutional Members with the offer of a complimentary one-year online membership.

Benefits to Affiliated Economists


20% discount on Annual Conference fees, International Conference fees, and journal manuscript submission fees. Complimentary conference registration for Annual Conference and International Conference session organizers who are current WEAI individual members.

Benefits to Students


20% discount for individual students compared to regular student dues and conference fees.

Graduate Student Workshop

WEAI Institutional Member universities are eligible to nominate students. Academic and Sustaining may nominate two students; Supporting, three students; Sponsoring, five.

Undergraduate Student Research Program

Available only to Institutional Member universities, outstanding undergraduate economists may be selected to present their research in a special undergraduate research session on the Annual Conference program with prizes awarded for best paper plus three finalists.

Institutional Membership Options

  • Patron of
    Economic Science**

    $[TBD] Minimum Annual Dues [TBD] Designated Representatives
  • Academic

    $450 One Year 1 Designated Representative
  • Sustaining

    $500 One Year 1 Designated Representative
  • Supporting

    $1,000 One Year 3 Designated Representatives
  • Sponsoring

    $2,500 One Year 5 Designated Representatives

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