Opportunities to Publish your Conference Paper

Opportunities to Publish Your Conference Paper

WEAI members are invited to submit their revised conference papers for possible publication in one of WEAI's two journals, Contemporary Economic Policy (CEP) or Economic Inquiry (EI), published quarterly in partnership with Wiley Publishing. The normal submission fee is waived if the paper is submitted within six months of the conference.


First published in 1982 as Contemporary Policy Issues, CEP strives to communicate results of high-quality economic analysis to policymakers; to focus high-quality research and analysis on current policy issues of widespread concern; to increase awareness among economists of aspects of the economy key to understanding the impact of policy; and to advance policy analysis methodology. CEP welcomes three categories of articles: 1) essays analyzing specific policy issues; 2) surveys of important general subject areas; and 3) research articles devoted to developing new methods for policy analysis


Economic Inquiry (formerly Western Economic Journal), is widely regarded as one of the top scholarly journals in its field. Besides containing research on all economics topic areas, a principal objective is to make each article understandable to economists who are not necessarily specialists in the article's topic area. Twenty-four Nobel Laureates are among EI's long list of prestigious authors.

The submission fee is waived for WEAI members who submit their revised WEAI conference paper within six months after the conference at which it was presented.

Review the submission information and instructions to get started!